Blackjack and some betting tips

Blackjack is also a very popular game at Ioncasino and many consider it to be quite easy to learn. What’s more, in the virtual environment, here’s a great chance to get a fairly consistent casino bonus. Learning the basics of blackjack is absolutely necessary before putting money on the table, even by virtually speaking. Not to mention the possibility of getting a casino bonus. The basic goal of blackjack is to get a total of books as close as possible to number 21. However, it should be noted that if the cumulative hand count exceeds 21 then the player loses.

How to play blackjack

The best way to win blackjack is with a 10 and an ace because this hand creates blackjack. Many of the online casinos at this time offer a small casino bonus to even more ambitious players. In the little-known situation where the dealer’s hand also creates blackjack at the same time, the result is a draw. In this case, the amount of the original bet will be returned.

When the game begins, the participants place their bets on the table. Almost all online casinos set minimum and maximum betting limits, typically ranging from $ 1 to $ 500. It is also known from the beginning what the casino bonus is offered in this case and how it can be obtained. After that, each player receives a card face up.

Then each player receives the second card, except for the Bank. The first player on the dealer’s left can request more cards with the words “card” or “hit” until he decides that the score of these books has reached quite close to 21. Players can also increase their bets using options such as insurance, double or split. By saying “no cards,” “pause,” or “staying,” players say they no longer wish to receive other books, thus giving the next player the right to move on.


If a player receives a card that increases the total score over the maximum, it is automatically eliminated from the game. After the cards have been dealt to all players, the dealer is dealt a second card. If the dealer has a total of 16 points or less, he must draw a card. However, reaching 17 or more points, the dealer has to stop.

Do not forget to take advantage of a casino bonus when you play, whether you play blackjack, roulette or online slots!

In Blackjack you can win if:

  • The bank overdraws – (meaning the dealer’s score reaches more than 21).
  • Make more points than the Bank and your opponents at the same time with less than 21 points.

Also in some virtual casinos, multiple casino bonuses are offered again. In both of the above cases, you will receive earnings equal to the value of the bet made. If you have a Blackjack in your hand and the dealer does not, then you are paid in 3: 2 ratios. If both you and the Bank have Blackjack then you get your money back but no winnings, but then probably also cancels the chance to receive a casino bonus.