Do you have to be an expert to win the dice game?

As youknow that the dice have many bets and that it is not an easy game to play in its entirety. However, it is possible to start playing DADU Online with the most basic bets and go little by little raising the difficulty. As with all games the best way to learn is by first memorizing the simplest rules and then playing as much as possible. Little by little you will acquire the habits and you will understand the game a little more. And although it is true that it is a game of chance the little advantage that the casino has will benefit you even more when the knowledge of the game is greater.

What are the classifications?

In general, the games of dice are divided into three parts:

  • Betting on Pass Line / No Pass Line
  • The output roll
  • The beginning of the game


Bet on the Pass line and the Do not Pass line

In this game first of all you will make a bet. This is done when the dice have not been rolled. The two main bets allowed by the dice are the following.

  • Betting on the Pass line
  • Bet on the No Pass line

Depending on the chosen option the player will win with some results or with others. However, the chances of winning with one bet or another are the same.

Output roll

The first thing to know in the online dice is that the first roll does not start the game. It only serves to mark the points. If in the first roll the sum of the two dice is a natural that is a 7 or an 11 who has bet on the line of pass wins the bet. It pays 1 to 1. If this happens, the round ends and a new one begin where in the onsite casino the shooter is changed. There may also be a third option which is that the dice come out 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. It is here where the table will mark the ‘on’ and where it will be known which is start point. This will be determined by the result of the dice by the exit roll.

Conclusion: The beginning of the game

At this point of the explanation let’s say that in the initial print runs a 5. Well, it is number 5 that will be considered as the starting point. Then the dealer or casino software will mark the box that has been declared as the point in this case 5 and the player will keep rolling the dice. From here two things can happen. If the player has bet to the line of pass. Its objective will be to return to extract a 5. However, if you take a 7 you will lose automatically. If the player has bet on the do not pass line then your objectivewill be to draw a 7. If you succeed, you will win the game.